Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wow it has been a busy couple weeks. On Tuesday we were invited up to Weber High to tell the Student Body about Teagan and his journey so far (pic above). They are going to do the Quarters for Cans to raise money for him, what an amazing high school. Makes me proud to be a Warrior! We want them to know how much we love and appreciate each one of them. Every dime they raise for him will go to a fund to pay for any bills we have for him in the future. After my presentation they showed Amanda how it feels to be a Warrior, she is ready to jump off the Fremont wagon!! :)
As far as Teag's goes, as you see below he had his 1st bottle Thursday and has had many since! He is doing so good, we love him to death. He has taught us so much, Amanda and I fight (not really;)) about who gets to cuddle him, we are happy to have him home. I have put a bunch of pics in below, thank you to everyone who has been helping our family, we love all of you!
P.S. He let out a scream of joy when the COUGARS BEAT THE UTES, looks like he is a BYU fan!

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  1. GO WEBER!!!!!! I will let my Mom know (She works at the high school at Wee Weber, I am sure we can add a few extra Quarters from us ;)). I am so glad to hear all is well. Hope you had a good holiday!