Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bath time!

Teagan got his 1st real bath since surgery tonight, he loved it! He is doing great!

Getting back to normal!

So we have been home since sunday afternoon and it has been wonderful. We are finally getting everything back to normal. Teagan is trying to get back on his schedule, he is doing so good. He is so patient with us, in the mornings he has to take 5 medications, he doesn't even try to spit them out anymore. He is smiling and trying to laugh at his sisters. We can tell that he really misses playing on his back, the Dr. told us not to let him have back or belly time for at least a week. So every time I go to change his diaper he starts kicking his legs and smiling, that was his favorit passing time before the surgery. But no worries he will be able to do it again sooner that later. He is eating and gaining weight just like the Dr. are wanting him to do. You really can't tell that he had surgery a week ago if you can't see his scar. He is healing so good. I thought he would need alot of pain meds. but all we are giving him is tylenol, which is pretty low key. He is still my little cuddler, every moring after the girls go to school me and him have cuddle time, where I rock him to sleep for his morning nap. It's wonderful. Thanks again for all you thoughts ad prayers, they have truley helped with his healing process.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

We're home! Oh it is so nice to be home again, we are so happy to be here. They came in this morning and said he is doing very good and that they were ready to release us today, music to our ears! We are so grateful for the good care he received and his speedy recovery, it is nice to have all of this behind us.
We want to thank our friend we have met down at the hospital, there are some amazing families and little heroes down there. Best wishes to the to Teagan Gardner and Alex Diaz, our prayers and with you guys! We look up to and admire you and know all will work out the way it should.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping us on our toes...

Teag is doing good, but had a little scare last night. His oxygen levels went to 72-73 (he was in the mid 80's)and wouldn't come up even after they doubled his oxygen intake. On top of that his voice has not been coming back and at times it seems he is having a tough time breathing. They came in and sucked out his airways and that helped, but it is so stressful when anything goes wrong. He is doing better, is O2 isn't great but it is back up around 75-78, hopefully it stays there. He is becoming more and more active every day, he loves pulling his tubes off. We have his hands and feet wrapped up, it will be nice when he can chew on them again! Anyway, he is doing good, just going a little slower than we would like. Thank you for all your prayers!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Awe the difference 2 days makes...little man is doing so good, we are so proud of him. They pulled the final tube today and he is doing great, now they are doing his echo before they release him upstairs. We were so happy to see Titus come in to do the echo, he is the one who basically saved Teagan when he had NEC. He is a good man. You can see the pic of the safety pin, Teagan is grabbing everything he can, they say he is very active and full of energy, that's what we like to hear!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In our arms!

We finally got to hold him! It feels so good to be able to hold and comfort him, he is doing really good.

Day 2

So things are going very good, but it is also very hard. He is coming off his pain meds and it is SO hard to watch him struggle and not be able to hold and comfort him. We yern to cuddle him and help him feel better, it is hard to stand and watch. He is such a strong little man, what a powerful example our 4 month old is to us.
From a recovery standpoint he is doing very good, he is recovering quickly. He is eating great and getting his voice back, it is nice to hear his cry. Yesterday after the pulled his breathing tube his pipes were pretty swollen, when he would try to cry he would turn blue and fight for air. Today he is a lot better, and his cardiologist is very pleased with his progress.
We are so grateful for the medical care he is getting, what a blessing it is to have these amazing nurses and doctors by his side 24-7.

This is right after surgery

Day 2, eating very good!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We're here!

We are here with a hungry little man! Amanda got up at 3 and fed Teag, I didn't fall alseep until 2 so I slept in until 4. We stayed up and packed, we were to tired last night. We got to the hospital at 6 and as you can see, Teagan was hungry! he was trying to eat his hands, his hospital robe, the nurses hands, my face, anything! He was so cute and happy, we were glad he didn't get to fussy. They took all his vitals, we signed all the consent forms and off he went. It is soooo hard to watch them take him, but we know he is in good hands. They took him back at 7:30, at 10 they said they had made the insision and had cut through the scar tissue. At 11 they told us he was on the by-pass machine and doing very good and at noon they called and said they were finished! They are still pulling out lines and closing him up, but the procedure went very good. We are so proud of him...they said he will have a headache for a few days, but we can deal with that.

Twas the night before...

Surgery and all through the house...okay a little much :) The girls all wanted to take turns feeding him before he leaves for a week, they don't quite understand everything but the will miss their little brother!

Monday, February 15, 2010


So I have told that I need to up date a little more often to let everyone know what’s going on. So here I go! We are just preparing ourselves as much as we can for Tuesday. That is when Teagan will be going back in for his Glenn which is another open heart surgery. It's starting to hit me a little harder each day as it gets closer. We've been down this road before but it’s a little different now. This is my little boy that I have grown to know and love. It's going to be the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life, to hand him to the Dr. and let them take him. He is so strong and healthy I wish I could just protect him so that he could stay that way with out the surgery. But I know in order for him to continue being healthy that this surgery is necessary.

It’s just me wishing I had the power to skip over this next step. The Doctors have told us that he will be in the surgery for 6-8 hours. But they also said that because he is so big and healthy that he should recover a lot fast than last time. So we are expecting to be down at primaries 8-14 days. It's going to be hard to be away from my girls, but I know that they will be taken care of and be having lots of fun. So once again thank you everyone for helping me and my family get through this, it’s through your thoughts and prayers that we are able to be so strong. We will be updating this more often now with all the details of what’s going on.

Love Amanda

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wanted to update with a few pics of the little man. I am not sure how to do it all in one so there are like 6 posts. :) Anyway, he is doing really good, getting stronger every day!!