Friday, April 22, 2011

Wow! Where do I start? Lets start with Teagan’s big appointment he had at primaries in March. We took him in for is routine check up. They always tell you to expect the worse when you go in, so I got myself all nervous thinking of everything that could be wrong. We took him in had an echo done and then met with the Dr. Well she surprised me and Bryson both. She came in with a big smile on her face with the fellow Cardiologist behind her. They told us that Teag’s is the Best Hypo Plastic baby they have ever seen. They also told us that Teagan’s valve that was leaking from the time of birth had healed its self all the way. They were shocked and amazed. At that point that told us we could take him off the rest of his heart meds. You can’t imagine how happy I was, nervous but happy. Our little man has once again amazed all around him, we love him and couldn’t be prouder. We talked to his Dr. and asked lots of questions, she helped us understand the road ahead. As long as things keep going as good as they have been, it could be a couple of years until his next surgery. So we are going to enjoy every minute until then.


Now lets talk about his life at home. Teagan was did not want to learn to walk, but if you put him up against a baby that walked and had them race Teagan would win. He crawled as fast as most kids could run. But finally on his 17 month birthday he surprised us all. We were sitting as a family watching a movie, the next thing we know Teagan stands up in the middle of the floor and walks across the room. We couldn’t believe it. From there he has gained so much balance and I think he feels like a big kid now. He is no longer a baby. He has finally stopped getting ear infections, and stayed healthy for the most part. He is talking up a storm , He loves to copy what we say. And yes he has a little of his dads humor. He loves to tease Emma.


Last week we took a trip as a family to St. George. Having Teagan walking made it so much fun. He is a little energizer bunny. He loves the water, and he loves climbing on the red cliffs getting dirty. He also learned a new song from Grandpa Doug “Stuck like glue” It was hilarious. He loves to play and sing and entertain anyone who will watch. Oh and he thinks he taught himself karate , He’s got some good moves going. We are so happy with him and how strong he is. He isn’t letting his little slow him down one bit. Thanks for all of your support. We love you all.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Amazing Year!

Wow! So it's been along time since I have posted, but no news is good news.
As I look back at the year, all I can think of if how amazing it has been. Yes we have gone through our trials, but they have only made us stronger. We look at it and think it could have been alot worse. I have a wonderful, healthy family and that is all I can ask for. In the last year have learned to stop and enjoy the moments. With Bryson being laid off for 8 months it, you would think that it was a little stressful and yes it was thinking about the finances. But we have realized what a blessing it was , I mean what dad gets to take off 8 months of work and spend every waking moment of it enjoying his children. Spending preciouse time with his little boy who at that time we didn't know if it would be our only time with him. To look back there wouldn't look back with any regrets. And when I say he spent every minute with his kids he did, weather it be making sledding hills, buildings bug houses, camping, fishing, or even cuddling watching movies. They did everything together, he is an amazing dad. I am very lucky to have him. Anyway enough bragging about my husband.
Teagan is doing very well , as I always say the doctors are always amazed at what he is doing and how well he is doing it. In the last couple months we have taken a couple of trips to PCMC (just check ups) and we have been able to meet up with some of his nurses. Its been fun to be able to show them Teag's and what he has become. They are such wonderful people, they have saved so many of our little ones lives. So if they are reading this, THANK YOU.Thank you to everyone who has helped us through this year, you are all amazing and we love you very much.

As you can see in this picture Teagan and his dad have alot of fun teasing the camera. He Don't they look handsome!

Emma and Teagan have such a special bond, its alot of fun to watch.
I catch them giving each other kisses all the time, and when I look back in the car they are always holding hands.
Last time I posted it was on Teags birthday so I didn't have any pictures yet, so here they are.
He had a sports themed party and it was alot of fun. He has quite the sweet tooth.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I know we haven’t updated for a while, but life has been a little crazy. But we are excited to announce that Teagan has turned “1” today, I can’t even believe it. This whole last week I have been kind of emotional thinking about writing this. I keep thinking all of the blessings and miracles we have been given in the last year, and I just want to cry. To look back and think about all that my little guy has gone through is overwhelming. I am so excited to move on and have a year of hopefully no Dr.’s other than well visits. The Dr.’s have told us that with how good Teagan is looking and doing , he will have at least a year until his next surgery. We were very excited about that. We are hoping to go on with a normal life for a while. We are so excited to see him cross this mile stone, and can’t wait to see him cross more. So I was all excited to have a big BBQ with family this Saturday for his Birthday, had invitations made and all. But then of course Monday Teagan started throwing up and didn’t stop, so I took him to the dr. they tested him and it came back positive that he had influenza B. Ya that was a lot of fun this week, but they also told me that he would be contagious until Saturday. Needless to say the party has been put off for a little while. His official birthday is today, but Teagan wasn’t feeling to hot so we are waiting until tomorrow to do our little family party and give him his own cake. He will love it, and he will never now we had to put if off a day. We did give him his big present today, we couldn’t wait. It was a large dinosaur that he can ride and play with. He loved it. I am posting a picture of him playing on it today. I forgot he will have a little hospital visit on November 2nd , He is going in to get tubes put in and get a circumcision. He’s not going to be very exited, but it needs to be done ( he will thank us later).

Development wise Teagan is doing very well. He has started pulling himself up and tries walking around furniture. They said it is normal for a baby who has had a past like his, to take a while to gain the muscles to walk. I am ok with this, its one less thing that will help him get into things.

Now that we have made it through the first year, we feel like we can make it through anything as a family. Thanks for all of the love and support that you all have shown us. We love and appreciate your friendship. Hope all is well with all of you. Our Birthday wish is that all of us can have an uneventful year, filled with love and happiness.

Love, Amanda

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rough Week!

( This picture is of him after he heard he got to go home.)

So it's been a rough week. Last Thursday Bryson's little brother Brandt got married, and on the way home we realized Teags had a fever. So I called and got an appointment, so we stopped on our way home. They told us he had a double ear infection, we got him on an med. and didn't think else of it. On Saturday he started having fevers again and by 4 in the morning he had a fever of 104.8. So we did the usual and gave him tylenol and put him in a cool bath. For 2 days if we let the meds run past 4 hours in between it would go back up to 104. Monday morning we made another appointment to see why he was getting better. We went in and they told us his infection was gone, at that point they did blood work and found out that his white blood cells were high. From there they sent us to primaries, that is when me and Teags had a good ten hour mommy son session. They did blood work again urine samples and x-rays of his chest and stomach. Everything came back negative except the urine said that there was some bacteria, so they put him on an IV with antibiotics. At 10:30 that evening they sent us home and said they would get the cultures back with in 24 hours. Well 2 days went by and no news, the fevers were gone and he was acting normal. Wednesday night we received a call at 11:30 pm. It was the ER Dr. he asked if Teagan had a fever that night and asked how he was feeling. I told him he was doing great and I felt he was a healthy again. At that point he told me they had just received the results and Teagan tested positive for a bacterial infection in his blood. He said where he hadn't had a fever that night that I could just bring him in in the morning for more blood work and another IV of antibiotics. So 1st thing this morning I took him in . The Dr. walked in and was shocked that he was doing so good. He made a game plan, he wanted to do more blood cultures and watch him for a good hour to see how he was acting and feeling. After watching him they feel that it was a false positive on the culture. He told me that if he really had that bad of an infection he wouldn't be doing as well as he is. That made me feel a little better. So now we are hoping that we don't get another call from the ER Dr. , no new is good news! Now we are excited to have a nice quiet day off tomorrow, just spending time at home.

These are just a few of the Pictures from the wedding.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eating Rasberry's and Crawling!

As you can tell from his messy face, Teag loves being out with us crawling around the grass and eating raspberry's! He is doing so good, it is hard to stop him when he wants something. He is getting good at going over legs, pillows, anything in his way. He also went out on the swing for the 1st time, as you can see from the pics he loved that too. All in all we are having a fun summer, just need to get rid of the pink eye that is making the rounds for the 2nd time!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun!

     Sorry it has been a while since our last update! We have been having fun this summer as a family, lots of fishing trips and swimming at the lake, Teag has loved it. He is doing so good, he is gaining weight and growing like he should. He loves being outside, watching the girls and anything else that moves. When we go up fishing he loves to watch the fish when we catch them, he does all he can to get his hands on them.
     As far as his heart goes we have only had 1 follow up since his 2nd surgery and they were very pleased so we really don't think about it. We just enjoy having him and watching him smile, he seems to brighten up everyones moods. Thank you all for you love and support for Teag, we will continue to keep you posted.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Warrior!

     This last Friday we had the opportunity to go up to Weber High for their final assembly to thank them for all of the money they raised for Teagan during Quarters for Cans. It was so much fun to introduce him to them, they had us come down to the stage where we introduced Teagan and presented them a plaque Amanda made for them. They were so respectful, they gave him a standing ovation for a few minutes. The plaque we gave them included this picture in an 8x10 and this shirt he is wearing in the picture below. Amanda bought 2 shirts and her and our friend Audrey Rogers embroidered them with the "Little Warrior", he looked like a little stud.

From there we went to his big follow up appointment at Primary's to see how his heart is doing, we are so happy to say that after looking at his echo they decided to take him off 2 of his heart meds! They said he is doing better than they expected, they are very pleased. We know it is because of all of the prayers of faith that are offered on his behalf, we love and thank you for them. They had to sedate him for the echo, he wanted to grab everything that came close to him. He had everyone laughing, he is such a happy little kid.

Anyway, thanks again to all of you Weber Warriors, and thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

7 Months!

It's hard to believe that little man turned 7 months old on the 8th, time is flying by. He is doing so good, we just got him going on solids and he LOVES it. He even eats the peas! As you can see from the pics below we just got back from a vacation to southern Utah, it was so nice to get away. We spent a lot of time at the pool, Teag loved watching his sisters swim and even joined them a couple times. He is so happy and excited to see them, he loves to watch those girls.
We have also had him out to church a few times, we love to let him meet all of you who fasted for him that first weekend he was alive, it feels like he knows you when he see's you. We still talk about how much everyone has done for us through all of this, in fact we were able to use the money we saved from the secret santa to help pay for our vacation, it was like a late Christmas gift. :) So thank you!
Anyway, we just wanted to give an update on Teagan, he is doing as good as ever!