Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doing good!

It has been a while since we have posted, sorry! Time flies, we don't realize how long it has been. Teagan is doing great. He is as happy as can be and getting stronger everyday. He is rolling over to grab things, likes his belly time, and loves taking baths with Emma. He is developing so good, sometimes we forget he has had 2 heart surgeries.
We will try to be better about this, we know there are kids born with this condition every day and Teagan is such an inspiration to so many parents facing this future. We love him and want to let you know he is as strong as ever!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

                                   Teagans 1st time getting to go see Great-Grandma Jennie.

Teagan had his 1st Easter and he loved it. He obviously didn't care about the candy but he did enjoy playing with the empty eggs. We were able to take him over to play with all of his cousins and have a Easter egg hunt, it was alot of fun. As you can see he looks quite handsome in his easter outfit. He loves chewing and sucking on his tie.
It's nice to have the last 6 months behind us. Now hopefully we will have a couple years, hospital free. We will be going in again in the next couple of weeks for his check up and an echo to check on his heart function. There is no reason to believe that they will find anything, thank goodness. We hope you all had a good Easter, and we hope the weather will start getting warmer so that we can start having bbq's and and have everyone come and meet Teags.