Wednesday, November 18, 2009

      Teagan is back on food! They started him on an NG (feeds into the stomach) yesterday and he is handling it great. This is the 1st time he has had food in his stomach since the day he was born. Since then he has been on IV's or an NJ (by-passes stomach to intestine), so we're sure it feels good to have food in the belly again! They started him at 3 ml an hour and have steadily increased it as it is tolerated. Before he leaves he will have a suck test to see if he can handle a bottle, we will keep our fingers crossed!
We have received a little feedback that people couldn't comment, so I changed the format to allow all to comment, sorry it wasn't like that before!


  1. Man! He is cute! You are staying so positive and helping me cherish my little guy even more so thank you for the boost. I sure wish there was something... anything I could do for you all. Please call if you need ANYTHING! Love you guys.

  2. Let me know what is a good night to bring dinner. Consider litle Teag eating his thanksgiving feast! Hopefully the bottle will work. Talk to ya soon!