Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick updates on Teagan, he is doing good. The doctors told us today that the x-rays show his intestine walls are free of air which means the NEC is clear. They said if all goes well he should be able to come home next Friday, we will keep our fingers crossed!
Thursday morning Amanda went back down to be with him while I worked and took care of the girls, when she got there she said there were 3 nurses in his room trying to comfort him as he had been crying for a while that morning. When she walked in she called out his name and he immediately hushed. The nurses handed him to her and he stopped crying and just cuddled to her. Who says babies don't know there mom's! She has been with him every night since, it is getting harder to leave him alone down there.
We will get more pics soon, thanks to everyone who has brought dinner and helped out!


  1. He is such a handsome little man! Glad he is doing well. Love that he recognized his Momma's voice right away. That's so sweet. I bet it made her day!

  2. I bet that melted Amanda's heart when she walked in and Teagan stopped crying. How sweet! So glad he's improving and doing well! He's a beautiful baby!