Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping us on our toes...

Teag is doing good, but had a little scare last night. His oxygen levels went to 72-73 (he was in the mid 80's)and wouldn't come up even after they doubled his oxygen intake. On top of that his voice has not been coming back and at times it seems he is having a tough time breathing. They came in and sucked out his airways and that helped, but it is so stressful when anything goes wrong. He is doing better, is O2 isn't great but it is back up around 75-78, hopefully it stays there. He is becoming more and more active every day, he loves pulling his tubes off. We have his hands and feet wrapped up, it will be nice when he can chew on them again! Anyway, he is doing good, just going a little slower than we would like. Thank you for all your prayers!


  1. Wow you guys. We've been out of town for a week. We got back this evening and I got on the computer and saw your posts. I can't imagine how nerve racking and stressful this last week must have been for you. We'll keep little Teagan in our prayers. You guys hang in there and know we're thinking about you. Love, Bek

  2. He is so precious what a little miracle. You guys are truly amazing!

  3. My heart hurts for you guys. I can't imagine how you're feeling. And I can't believe how chubby and healthy he looks! He's such a gorgeous baby. Still praying for you and thinking of you.