Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 2

So things are going very good, but it is also very hard. He is coming off his pain meds and it is SO hard to watch him struggle and not be able to hold and comfort him. We yern to cuddle him and help him feel better, it is hard to stand and watch. He is such a strong little man, what a powerful example our 4 month old is to us.
From a recovery standpoint he is doing very good, he is recovering quickly. He is eating great and getting his voice back, it is nice to hear his cry. Yesterday after the pulled his breathing tube his pipes were pretty swollen, when he would try to cry he would turn blue and fight for air. Today he is a lot better, and his cardiologist is very pleased with his progress.
We are so grateful for the medical care he is getting, what a blessing it is to have these amazing nurses and doctors by his side 24-7.

This is right after surgery

Day 2, eating very good!

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  1. Good luck! He is an amazing little boy, with amazing parents. Your faith is amazing and I am sure that is why he is so strong.

    The Mortensens