Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting back to normal!

So we have been home since sunday afternoon and it has been wonderful. We are finally getting everything back to normal. Teagan is trying to get back on his schedule, he is doing so good. He is so patient with us, in the mornings he has to take 5 medications, he doesn't even try to spit them out anymore. He is smiling and trying to laugh at his sisters. We can tell that he really misses playing on his back, the Dr. told us not to let him have back or belly time for at least a week. So every time I go to change his diaper he starts kicking his legs and smiling, that was his favorit passing time before the surgery. But no worries he will be able to do it again sooner that later. He is eating and gaining weight just like the Dr. are wanting him to do. You really can't tell that he had surgery a week ago if you can't see his scar. He is healing so good. I thought he would need alot of pain meds. but all we are giving him is tylenol, which is pretty low key. He is still my little cuddler, every moring after the girls go to school me and him have cuddle time, where I rock him to sleep for his morning nap. It's wonderful. Thanks again for all you thoughts ad prayers, they have truley helped with his healing process.

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