Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Amazing Year!

Wow! So it's been along time since I have posted, but no news is good news.
As I look back at the year, all I can think of if how amazing it has been. Yes we have gone through our trials, but they have only made us stronger. We look at it and think it could have been alot worse. I have a wonderful, healthy family and that is all I can ask for. In the last year have learned to stop and enjoy the moments. With Bryson being laid off for 8 months it, you would think that it was a little stressful and yes it was thinking about the finances. But we have realized what a blessing it was , I mean what dad gets to take off 8 months of work and spend every waking moment of it enjoying his children. Spending preciouse time with his little boy who at that time we didn't know if it would be our only time with him. To look back there wouldn't look back with any regrets. And when I say he spent every minute with his kids he did, weather it be making sledding hills, buildings bug houses, camping, fishing, or even cuddling watching movies. They did everything together, he is an amazing dad. I am very lucky to have him. Anyway enough bragging about my husband.
Teagan is doing very well , as I always say the doctors are always amazed at what he is doing and how well he is doing it. In the last couple months we have taken a couple of trips to PCMC (just check ups) and we have been able to meet up with some of his nurses. Its been fun to be able to show them Teag's and what he has become. They are such wonderful people, they have saved so many of our little ones lives. So if they are reading this, THANK YOU.Thank you to everyone who has helped us through this year, you are all amazing and we love you very much.

As you can see in this picture Teagan and his dad have alot of fun teasing the camera. He Don't they look handsome!

Emma and Teagan have such a special bond, its alot of fun to watch.
I catch them giving each other kisses all the time, and when I look back in the car they are always holding hands.
Last time I posted it was on Teags birthday so I didn't have any pictures yet, so here they are.
He had a sports themed party and it was alot of fun. He has quite the sweet tooth.

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  1. Look at that cute family picture! What a good looking group. :) Hope you had fun on your cruise. You guys deserved a nice vacation. What a year you had! Hope things continue to go well.