Monday, January 18, 2010

Well it is the end of the day, Teagan has come through strong. They tried running the cath up both groin veins but they were clotted off, so they had to go through his neck. He did really good, they told us they have never seen such healthy pulmonary arteries in a heart baby. He is strong! They were going to let us leave at 4:30 but we wanted to stay until his oxygen levels stayed above 75%. To get them there they had to do a transfusion with about 2 oz of blood, his red cell levels were a little low were low so they added some and he is doing a lot better. We should be out of here in the morning, we will see how tonight goes.
Sorry if this Post seems random, I am doing it from my I touch and these keys are hard to hit! Anyway, we only got a couple hours of sleep so we are going to bed, but we wanted to let anyone wondering that he did great. Good night!

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