Wednesday, January 13, 2010

     Wanted to update on Teagan. Over the last few weeks his oxygen has gone from the mid 80's to 76-78. Because it has dropped they are going to do his 2nd open heart surgery a little sooner than they hoped, they are thinking 5 weeks out, if not sooner. We are taking him down this Monday to have his veins tested, they need to make sure they are strong enough to handle the next surgery. To do this they sedate him and run a line through a vein in his groin up to his heart and test to make sure they can handle the pressure. His cardiologist told us that she has no reason to believe he won't handle it, we will keep our fingers crossed. She also told us she has never seen a heart baby gain so much weight, they are very pleased with his progress that way.
     The second surgery is called the Bidirectional Glenn Shunt, we have been told that it is much easier on them than the 1st surgery. We will be in the hospital anywhere from 6-14 days rather than the month we were in the 1st time.
     He is such a happy little guy, his smile always lights up the room. We are so grateful for all he has taught us, what a strong little man.

     By the way, we also wanted to thank Weber High School for the donation they gave Teagan, and everyone who donated to their project W.I.S.H. What an amazing high school and community, we are so grateful to be where we are. Thank you, we love and appreciate all you do.
The Stewart's


  1. That sucks I hope everything goes ok. Keep us updated. That pic is so adorable!

  2. Good luck tomorrow,
    We we all keep him in our hearts and prayers and I know it will turn out well, he is such a strong little guy (not to mention adorable).
    Love you
    Yvonne and family