Saturday, October 24, 2009

We got to see him! He looks so good, it was nice to hold little man's hand again. He is off almost all of his meds, they are working him of his last pain meds now. If all goes well we should be able to hold him tomorrow. They said he is healing remarkable well, he is such a fighter. So many foreign objects attached to his body, yet he is patient and acts strong. He opened his eyes for us for a while, I put a picture below, we will keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow!


  1. Amanda, I can't look at his face without wanting to cry. He is such a gorgeous baby. I'm so glad he's doing well. You are so strong. I'm sure this is particularly hard on mama. We're still praying for you.

  2. yea! Good news! So glad that the girls are feeling better. Let us know when we can help you out!! Love you guys!