Thursday, October 29, 2009

He's home!

Well we made it home with Teagan and he is doing good. We had a nurse come help us set up his feeding machine, he is doing great. The girls were so excited to see him, they took turns holding his hand and talking to him. We are grateful for all the love and prayers that have kept him going, we thank each one of you.
Unfortunately we have a little bad news, before we left the hospital gave us strict orders to have no visitors for a while. His heart is still so fragile and the sick season hasn't even peaked yet, so to be safe we are going to follow their advice until the "sick" season clears a little. Thank you for your understanding, I know there are many that want to see and hold him and that time will come, just not for a few months. We will keep this blog updated with pictures and progress for those interested, again thank you for your understanding, this is a hard thing to ask.


  1. Oh I am so glad you are home, Yes it is frustrating for some to understand staying away, but it is only for the best and if they really want to do the best they will totally understand. We had quite a few people very very mad at us because they couldn't see Kylie forever, some still haven't :( It's just part of protecting your little heart baby. Please let me know if you need help with anything. I will post our little poem, here goes...............

    Before I was born my heart was in trouble,
    so when I arrived they did surgery on the double.
    My mom and dad couldn't hold me for a while,
    they waited by my side and helped me through my trial.
    I stayed at the hospital until I got better,
    and now my whole family is finally together.
    The doctor said I could get very sick,
    If I catch any bugs I'll be back quick.
    So if you want to help me in the way that is best,
    I shouldn't have visitors so I can get my rest.
    I'm sorry to ask this and my family is too,
    we'd love nothing better than a visit from you.
    Please don't be offended it's not meant that way,
    I really look forward to when I can play.
    My heart just needs some time to get strong,
    I can't wait to meet you it won't be too long!

    I posted this on my front and back door, Hope it helps and your 1st night home goes great!

  2. We're so glad he's home! We totally understand about the visitor thing, and I'm sure everyone else does too. We'll look forward to meeting little Teagan in the spring. Good luck with the transition you guys! Let us know if you need anything.

  3. Hey you guys, I'm so happy little man is home! He is in the best care now! All of us parents understand the need to protect your family now so don't worry about making anyone feel bad! Take care of each other and thank you for keeping us all updated! Lori Hoaglin

  4. That is so exciting he got to come home! That is so cute about your girls. He has some great little nurses. I totally agree with the visitors thing. It is nice to have this blog so we can stay updated.
    Good luck!

  5. Oh my heck, I cant believe he is home all ready. I thought it would be months before you got to take him home. Congrats oh having him home. That has to be so exciting!!! Amanda you probably know more about nursing care than I do now. It is amazing what you can do when it is set before you!!! Good luck with everything and I know you two are going to do Great with little Teagan home!!!

  6. Oh my gosh! I had no idea! I just got mad at Rory for not telling me :) I am so happy little Teagan is home! I think it's great that you aren't taking any chances with visitors, I would be the same way! We have a gift for you guys but we will just put it on the doorstep. Love you guys!

  7. We're so happy for you!!! Way to go! We know you have your hands full so thanks so much for posting all of the things you are doing with Teagan home! The pictures are great! We love you guys so much and please remember we are only a phone call away if you need anything. The girls look so cute and Teagan's costume was adorable. Nothing like a new baby and the rest of the kids home to make life feel so good. You're still in our prayres always. Hugs to you!